Thursday, May 13, 2010

My favorite things during pregnancy

I am now in my 31st week of pregnancy and i don't think i could have made it this far without the things compiled in the list below. i highly recommend them to anyone who is pregnant or maybe just needs a gift idea for a baby shower. enjoy!

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Silver Needle Tea from Teavana

this tea not only tastes great when infused with fruit, it is also super healthy for you and baby

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Buffy Body Bar from Lush

I use this bar every time i shower on my growing belly . it makes my skin smooth and eliminates any itchiness

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Therapy Massage Bar from Lush

I rub this bar on after i shower to help with elasticity. It also helps minimize scars so i plan to use it after the baby arrives to eliminate any stretch marks i may develop.

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Ribbed Back Open Cardigan

I wear this cardigan all the time. I love that it is not maternity so i can wear it after i deliver, but since it doesn't button, i can get as big as i want and still fit into it.

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Maternity Ruched Tank Dress

An empire waist dress is a must for me. whether it's maternity or not i can wear this simple closet staple for any occasion.

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I eat Greek Salad like no bodies business these days. low fat and filling, you can't go wrong!

Greek Salad:


4 tomatoes

1 cucumber

1 capsicum greens

1 onion

200 grams of black olives

300 grams of feta (The Greek cheese of goat)

100 grams of yogurt

oregano, marjoram, oil, salt and pepper.


To cut to segments the tomatoes, to cut to slices of cucumbers, to cut slices of capsicum and slices of feta; to arrange the vegetables in a flat with the olives and a pinch of oregano. To add to the yogurt, salt, pepper, marjoram and to mix, therefore to dilute the sauce with 4 oil spoons and to pour it on the salad.

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Low Fat Chocolate Cat Cookies from Trader Joe's

i LOVE dipping these cookies into low fat peanut butter for a high protein low fat snack. mmmmmmmm.

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Mad Men Season 3

Betty Draper is pregnant this season so i can relate to her aches and pains while drooling over Don

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Birth Announcements from

I love the birth announcements on this website, and a great feature they offer is pre shipped envelope, so you can address them before the baby is born and life is chaotic. Just order the cards after the baby arrives, stuff them, and mail!

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